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Naturally, you want everything about your wedding day to be special. It will be captured in photographs which will be treasured mementos. The venue, the dress, the hair, the Grooms and ushers' outfits are all chosen with care. Perhaps even a colour theme for your guests has been suggested, or a clothing style such as long dresses. All of these factors will contribute to wonderful memories and striking wedding photographs

Wedding Bouquet

As you juggle the budget to create your perfect day, the one element that should never be left out is the presence of flowers. Nothing says "special occasion" quite so clearly as masses of artfully arranged, breathtakingly beautiful, subtly fragrant, flowers. Besides bringing their unique wow factor to the photographs; what makes them special is that their short lives mean they will not last long beyond the day - they exist to enhance that one occasion, then they are gone - extravagant

So take time to choose your flowers. Your florist will be able to take account of your chosen style of dress or whole wedding theme to suggest types of flowers, shapes of bouquet, buttonholes and suitable venue flowers to create beautiful and apt focal points, both on the day and to look back on for years to come in your wedding album

A cascading bridal bouquet can make a stunning impact against a long, white wedding dress but other styles you may wish to consider are a posy, for a less formal look, or an over-arm sheaf, which looks more modern

Bridesmaids' flowers often echo the Bride's but this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Consider what the total effect will look like in the photographs. The colour of the bridesmaids dresses could be picked out in the bridal bouquet, the white of the bridal dress could be used in the bridesmaids' flowers, or think outside the box and break all the rules as you wish: In the hands of a talented florist, flowers have a way of transcending taste and looking good regardless of clashing colours

Groom's Flowers

Similarly, buttonholes do not have to be carnations, although these flowers do have presence and fragrance to commend them. Vibrantly coloured flowers from the bridal bouquet (or even the groom's favourite football team) can be repeated as buttonholes for the Groom and ushers to striking effect

When considering flowers for your ceremony and reception venues, often a single large arrangement can be more effective than lots of smaller ones dotted about. Table arrangements should either be tall enough for guests to see underneath or short enough to see over the top. A large pedestal arrangement can be particularly useful as a prop for your wedding photographer

Obviously the people are the most important elements in the composition of wedding photographs, but flowers on the table, either the Bride's bouquet or a purpose-made arrangement, can provide an interesting focal point to enhance the "signing of the register" and "cutting of the cake" photographs. The Bride`s bouquet or perhaps one of the larger floral arrangements would make an apt frontispiece for the wedding album

Consider flowers too, as post-wedding "thank you" gifts. When you send flowers the message is "you are special", whatever the occasion!

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