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Q: Do I really want wedding photography?

A: Well I'm bound to say that you do, but why? Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life, you will have spent months preparing for it and will have invited friends and family who may not be all together again for some time. You will enjoy your day and it will rush by. Good wedding photography will let you see what your guests will have seen, the images of you on your day, something that you will just not have otherwise! The wedding album is for keeps and for years to come you will be able to take it out and refresh those happy memories

Q: How much will my wedding photographer cost?

Wedding Photography Questions

A: The cost of your wedding photography rather depends how much photography you would like, the type of and size album and how much of your day you wish to capture on film. I will discuss the range of prices with you personally when we meet. Be assured that my prices are all competitive and there is no compromise on the quality whichever level of service you may choose. I have a page describing my wedding album packages :

Wedding Album Packages

And there is more pricing information at :

Wedding Photographer Prices

By far the best thing is for us to meet so I can explain the options to you, this can be at my studio, your home or your wedding venue. Fill out my enquiry form with your details and I'll be in touch. I keep things so they are easy to understand, there are no no hidden charges, and you will know exactly what to expect for your money. Read more in my wedding photography pricing section

Wedding Calendar

Q: How far ahead should I book my Wedding Photographer?

A: July and August are both very popular months and get booked up early. I'd suggest that you book your wedding photographer as soon as you have the venues organised, typically between six months and a year ahead. By far the best thing is to get in touch via my contact form and check availability, there's no charge for asking!

Q: Can I be sure that it will be you who takes my wedding photographs?

I only take booings for weddings that I can photograph personally. I will not be sending another photographer, you and I will have met to discuss your wedding photography in detail, you want to have a photographer you already know and I'm not going to let you down on your special day

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Q: So you're going to run my wedding?

Absolutely not. Fistly we will have met beforehand to discuss exactly what it is you want from your wedding photographer; if I think that there'll be too much emphasis on the photography I'll tell you and we will work a timetable out together which will give me some time to get the bridal photographs you want and allow you to enjoy the day spending time with your guests. Secondly I finish the formal part of your photography as soon as possible. Once your group shots are taken I can get out of the way and mingle with the guests and capture the informal pictures which will do so much to tell the story of the day in your wedding album. It is your day and we'll do things the way that you want

Q: What if it's raining on my wedding day?

A: Don't worry. Weddng days are always sunny! If there is a touch of rain we'll include all those colourful umbrellas (umbrellas make for god lighting anyway, see my news article Rainy Weddings) and ignore the puddles. If there really is no let up we'll take the group shots inside with lights (portable studio lights) - it will be fine

Q: I'm marrying late in the winter, can you cope with the dark?

A: Night time photography presents several challenges: it's dark so we need light, but flash can be harsh, it's dark Rolls Royce at Night so the camera's autofocus has nothing to pick up on. And, because it's dark it is also difficult to use manual focus!

I'll be taking the hand held Lowell iLite and using Nikon's wireless flash control (which works extremely well), I have wide aperture (f1.4) lenses to capture the atmosphere from any streetlights or lit windows and a portable studio flash to use if you wish to take the groups outside too. There are examples of these techniques I used recently at St Marys Guildhall, Coventry

Q: For how long will my wedding photographer be at my wedding?

A: For as long you want me there. I'd suggest that at a single venue wedding 4 hours would be the minimum, allow 5 hours if there are two venues. Many brides would like photographs of their preparations, you'll need to allow extra time before the service. And, should you wish your photographer to cover the wedding breakfast, the speeches and first dance then as long as I get to eat I'll be fine. I have a news article on lighting for your first dance which will be of interest

Q: Where can I see examples of your work?

Jeremy's Facebook

A: I have an on line Wedding Photography Gallery which is only a click away, the music can be rather soporific so turn off if feeling sleepy! There's also my

At last! I've put a video of recent images on my home page, take a look at my Warwickshire Wedding Photographer Video. I have much more at my studio which I'd be delighted to show you were you able to visit
I put recent wedding images on my news page. This site is growing, visit the site map and follow the links, there are wedding images on every page. Or visit my facebook page where I post wedding albums of around 100 images

Q: Do I have a choice of wedding album?

A: Certainly. I have a range of wedding photograph albums at different price breaks which I can show you. There are vinyl, leather and cloth bound covers available in a variety of colours. The albums fall into two broad categories: printed book and overlay.
Wedding Album with Dust Jacket The printed book is a modern design very much like a coffee table book, the photographs are printed onto each double page spread, the layouts are extremely flexible and individual wedding images can be any size up to the double page spread itself
Overlay Wedding Album from Tony Sarlo The overlay album is a more traditional style with printed photographs in frames or overlays. The layouts are very varied, but limited to the album manufacturer's range of styles. A photograph can almost, but not completely fill, a page. Double page photographs are not possible. These designs os print album set the photographs well against the framed overlay and have a timeless appeal

Q: Can I review the album design?

A: Yes, I will layout a set of proofs of the wedding album layout I suggest on a web gallery which you will have an email link to. You will have seen all the photos on your web gallery and will have the opportunity to suggest changes to the selection and/or layout. I will discuss your ideas with you and let you know whether they can be incorporated. The first set of changes to your wedding album layout will always be made completely free of charge. Whilst it is relatively straightforward for me to swap images more complicated layout changes do take time and I may need to make a charge for any changes requested subsequent the first edit. Typically the charge will be £50

Wedding Album with Leather Cover and Inset Image

Q: How big will my wedding album be?

A: No smaller than 10 x 10 inches with 10 or 12 pages. A 12 x 12 inch overlay album with 15 pages is large. The more photography you'd like, the bigger your album should be; a small album crammed with small photographs will not do justice to your wedding images as a well laid out album would

Q: How many wedding photographs will you take?

A: As many as I can, the more guests there are the more informals I'll take. We will meet four to five weeks before your wedding day, you will decide which group photographs you would like, I'll be taking those for sure. I'll take the groom and his party before the service, your family and guests as they arrive, the bridesmaids and the groom's family. There will then be photographs during the service and portraiture of you two newlyweds afterwards. I'll record the venue and then capture as much as I can of your your family and guests enjoying their day with you. The more guests that you have the more photographs there will be

Q: Will I get to see all the photos of my wedding?

A: Most certainly. All your photographs will be on my site at the client area for you and your guests to log in and view

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Wedding Photographer Questions

Q: How many images will there be in my album?

A: Good practice is to have between 5 and 6 images for each, but not every, double page spread. This means that a 20 page (10 double page spread) album will typically contain between 50 and 60 images, a 30 page album between 70 and 90 images. You can of course add pages at the design stage to include more images or to give emphasis to particularly important photographs

Complete my contact form I'll get in touch and we can arange to meet. I will show you the wedding photograph album options and discuss what is important for your wedding photography in more detail

Q: Will I pay alot for reprints?

A: I will let you have fixed prices for reprints, my prices are all reasonable and start at £4

Wedding Photograph Prints

Q: So, I can take the images on a CD and get them printed myself?

A: I prefer not. I want you to be delighted with your photographs so I use the top labs in the country to print your images on the best available materials. My prints are all presented in high quality folders. I want my images to look as they should reflecting the time and effort that I have put into my work on my clients' behalf over many years. You will not be pleased with second rate prints

Q: How will I know what to expect from my wedding photographer?

A: Should you book with me I will write to confirm the arrangement that we've made, the deposit is fully refundable for 30 days so in the unlikely circumstance that we completely misunderstand each other you can cancel and receive your money back. We will meet again four or five weeks before your wedding and I'll write again to confirm the shots we've agreed and the timings on the day. Please do read my terms and conditions as well

Q: Will my wedding guests be able to view and order copies of my wedding images over the internet?

A: Yes, there is a link to the client area of my site in the top menu bar, follow this to the login screen. Your family and guests can login with your name and the date of your wedding to gain access immediately to all your wedding images in an online album where reprints can be ordered as soon as I have the pictures uploaded

Q: This site is mainly about your work as a wedding photographer, do you take portrait photographs and can you cover my party?

A: Yes, I have warwickshire portrait photography site. Please also take a look at my Coventry party photographer site

Q:How much does a portrait photo session cost?

A: There is a session fee of £75. Framed prints and canvasses are available from £55. I only shoot one session a day so you there will be have time for me to get to know you and your family or friends, we can relax and enjoy the day. The result will be a selection of fabulous photographs for you to choose your favourites from

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Q: Can you suggest any other wedding services?

A: Take a look at my useful wedding services page, you may find what you are looking for there

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. I can show the the certificates should you wish

Q: Do you have a CRB certificate?

A: I do have. I have worked in Schools and with an Athletics Club both of whom have required me to obtain the CRB clearance, please let me know if you need additional information

Q: How do I contact you to arrange my wedding photography?

You can call us in Kenilworth on 01926 515420, Coventry 02476 96300 or email. I look forward to your call on our local phone numbers

And the small print?

It is here. I will be sent a printed copy, do read carefully. There are no hidden charges and I will write to confirm exactly what we have agreed. If there is anything that you are not happy about then you must let me know; It's your day, not mine, and I want you to have everything the way you want it for your wedding day

Wedding Photography Questions

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As a professionally qualified wedding photographer and member of the British Institute of Professional Photography Jeremy Eastaugh LBIPP offers you the confidence of high quality and reliable professionalism at your wedding that is recognised by both this association