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Unusual Wedding Venues in Warwickshire

If you want a wedding in Warwickshire that your guests won't forget then an unusual or unique venue may be the answer. Unusual venues provide a great backdrop for pictures and will help give your wedding photos an original touch

From zoos to castles, if you are planning to get wed in Warwickshire here's the top five 'out the box' venues

Compton Verny Art Gallery

Not only an award winning gallery but also chosen as one of the top 100 wedding venues by Brides Magazine. An art gallery is not a classic choice for a wedding which is what makes this place so different. The house itself is grand on a scale most of us aren't used too. The lush and well kept grounds make for excellent photographic scenery as does the opulent interior complete with marble flooring and ornate ceilings

Warwick Castle

If you're looking for somewhere with a unique and historic backdrop, then where better in Warwickshire than the famous Warwick Castle. You could even go full on fairy tale and give your wedding a medieval theme. Both the interior and exterior of this 14th century castle will create a magical background for wedding photos giving your pictures a timeless, romantic quality. The fountain is a particularly popular photo spot

Heritage Motor Centre, Warwick

For vintage car lovers the Heritage Motor Centre will provide the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. The centre has a large conference space and guests can dine in Art Deco styled rooms as well as having the opportunity to wander around the exhibition. Photos of the happy couple appearing to venture off in a Rolls Royce or perhaps a Mini Cooper will delight motor enthusiasts

Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford upon Avon

The RSC is a great place for budding thespians or lovers of the Bard. The photos and even the ceremony itself can be performed upon one of the great stages. Yourself and your new spouse can re-enact a scene from Romeo and Juliet for the most romantic wedding pictures ever. The RSCs famous tower is also a great place to take wedding shots and the rooftop restaurant provides the setting for a wedding breakfast

Twycross Zoo, Atherstone

One for animal lovers that certainly has unique and unusual written all over it. Twycross Zoo is a venue your guests will never forget. You can't go as far as having your wedding photos taken in the enclosures of course, but the many themed areas of the zoo can make for great wedding pictures. With some craftily executed photography those who didn't attend may be fooled into thinking you held your wedding in the Serengeti rather than the Midlands

The more unique and unusual your venue, the more original your wedding pictures are. Everyone remembers a romantic wedding in an unusual spot so why not think outside the box yourself? Who knows, if your wedding venue is really unique you might even get on the Birmingham News

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